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And here are the Fiction Stories that have been published on THE BLOG:

Daily Ritual


  • Daily Ritual Ch. 10
    She opened her eyes slowly. It was after noon. She still felt exhausted, she started replaying last night in her mind and then she remembered Kevin and she decided to call Plaz immediately. She drew his sigil in the filter and started rolling the joint but no sooner had she put flower to paper Plaz was already there.
  • Daily Ritual Ch. 9
    With every step Rosario took in the spirit world her surroundings became more and more dreamlike. She could recognise the edges, or the memory of what was still very much Central Park, but it was bigger and wilder.
  • Daily Ritual Ch. 8
    shit, what should I do to prepare? Which talismans do I bring, do I bring any of them? do faeries care for astrological magic at all? Ok ok, I’ll just bring them all and ask Bren if any of them would be useful.
  • Daily Ritual Ch. 7
    “I know. Speaking of grimoires. Did you know there’s faerie grimoires?” Plaz did something that can only be described as ‘spitting out his marijuana smoke’ “What?!” “It’s true, I’ve been doing some research. Hey pass the joint”
  • Daily Ritual Ch. 6
    “Can you see them?” Bren said, faer eyes were fixed on the horizon beyond the water. “See what?” “The Faerie lights.” “What like, Aurora Borealis? At this time of the year? In this part of the country? Localised entirely within Brooklyn?”
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